Payroll Giving in Action is a Professional Fundraising Organisation that assists employers and employees with Payroll Giving for the benefit of any charity.  We promote the concept of individuals supporting any charity they wish, not just the charities that PGiA represents.  We actively represent 200 charities that we are funded by, but facilitate and support donations to any UK charity or registered good cause.


The average life of a Payroll Giver is 6-7 years. Since April 1 2020, our work our work resulted in the recruitment of new Payroll Giving donors pledging to donate in the region of £24.5million. Our remuneration for generating this income was £287,500, equating to a fee of less than 0.01 p for every £1 generated. This amount funds our premises, secure IT systems, office staff and presenters who visit workplaces.