Donating to charities tax-free directly through your salary, Payroll Giving, is the most tax-efficient way to give.

Payroll Giving donations are taken from pay after National Insurance but before tax. A donation of £5 a month would actually cost an employee £4 from their take-home pay (if they  pay 20% tax) or £3 (if they pay 40% tax).

Charities big and small depend on the regular income that Payroll Giving provides as it allows them to plan their work including research, building projects, and giving practical help to those vulnerable and in need.

Over 1 million people donate to charities through their pay and together they’ve raised nearly £3 billion for good causes.

When a Charity receives donations through Payroll Giving there is no need to apply for Gift Aid, saving them money and time.

We can set up your Payroll Giving scheme to enable your employees to donate tax-free to any charity, good cause or place of worship of their choice.

Please get in touch, we’d love to set up the scheme for you or help to optimise any existing scheme you may have.