Payroll Giving Quality Mark

Every year, any employer running a Payroll Giving scheme with an Association of Payroll Giving Organisations’ member, can achieve a Payroll Giving Quality Mark.  We are extremely proud to have been awarded the Diamond Quality Mark again for 2023.

The Payroll Giving Quality Mark is a government-supported accreditation which recognises and rewards organisations of all sizes for offering and promoting Payroll Giving to their employees.

There are five levels of Quality Mark – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Organisations are given points for employee participation, paying the admin charges, matching donations, hosting events and running digital promotions. Organisations who achieve a Quality Mark will receive a certificate and logo to use on their company materials.

Payroll Giving in Action will be in touch in March each year to assess the quality of your Payroll Giving Scheme.  In late June/early July your Payroll Giving Agency will issue you with your certificate and your award level logo (usually digitally).

Complete details about your scheme below to forecast your Quality Mark level, or see what more you can do to reach the next level.

PGQM 2024

Calculate your QM Level

1. Points for Participation (0 Points)

Participation 0%

2. Points for Paying the Admin Charges (0 Points)

Does your employer cover the admin fees associated with your scheme?

3. Points for Matching donations (0 Points)

Does your employer match employee donations made through the scheme?

4. Has your employer hosted events to promote the scheme? (0 Points)

Events could include promotional workplace visits or a Webinar from Payroll Giving in Action

5. Has your employer run any digital promotions? (0 Points)

Digital promotions could include using the digital comms provided by Payroll Giving in Action

Your forecast level is:


Levels awarded according to points achieved 

  • 10 Points  = Bronze
  • 20 Points = Silver
  • 30 Points = Gold
  • 40 Points = Platinum
  • 50 Points = Diamond

One point awarded per percentage participation capped at a max of 30 (for 30%)

Additional bonus points available for each of the criteria:

  • Paying Admin
  • Matching
  • Event
  • Digital Promo

Additional points awarded based on organisation size, e.g.:

  • Employer Size 0-99: 6pts per criteria
  • Employer Size 100-999: 7pts per criteria
  • Employer size 1,000-4,999: 8pts per criteria
  • Employer size 5,000-9,999: 9pts per criteria
  • Employer size 10,000+: 10 pts per criteria

Total available points per org. size:

  • Employer Size 0-99: 54 points
  • Employer Size 100-999: 58 points
  • Employer size 1,000-4,999: 62 points
  • Employer size 5,000-9,999: 66 points
  • Employer size 10,000+: 70 points