Over 1 million employees donate through Payroll Giving

Last year, employees of employers using our services pledged over £30M to UK charities, good causes and places of worship through their Payroll Giving schemes.

  • Established over 30 years, trusted by thousands of employers, we know what works.
  • No costs to employers or employees for any of our services.
  • Dedicated Account Managers.
  • Quick responsive team.
  • We have raised in excess of £700M for UK charities.  
  • Employer portal with live reporting to monitor trends and success of campaigns, funds pledged and charities supported.
  • Employee portal allows donors to keep track of their giving.
  • Workplace visits available throughout the UK.
  • All employers issued with the appropriate APGO Quality Mark and Payroll Giving Accreditation Award.

Would you like help to promote generosity within your workplace?  We can set up your new Payroll Giving scheme or will promote any existing scheme.  We’re here to help, please send us a message or chat now with one of our Payroll Giving specialists.

Just a few of the amazing employers we work with: