Simple sign-up – no bank details required

Your Benefits

  • Easy and convenient – straight from your pay
  • Tax-effective – it costs less to give more
  • Supports the causes you care about
  • Flexible – control over how much you want to donate
  • Deductions can only take place when you are employed.
  • No bank details required

Charity Benefits

  • Charity receives your donation direct into their bank account.
  • Charity receives full tax relief up front.
  • Employer matching adds value to your donation.
  • Regular, reliable income for charity


  • Your donation is tax-free, every £10 donated costs you £8 if you pay regular tax or just £6 if you pay higher
  • Many employers cover all administration costs
  • If your Employer doesn’t cover this fee, it will be  deducted by your employers chosen Payroll Giving Agent (Registered Charity) to process your donation.  This is usually 25p.