Payroll Giving Accreditation Award

Your scheme will be given either a 3, 4, or 5 star accreditation based on success and promotional tools used.  Implement the following to achieve 5 star :

  1. Make it easy for your employees to find your Payroll Giving site on your intranet/benefit platform.
  2. Communications – Regularly send out provided monthly comms.
  3. Embed the video onto your intranet/benefit platform – employees are more likely to engage with a video.  Video updates monthly.
  4. Paying the Agency admin fee and any form of matching hugely helps take-up, e.g. first month up to £10, 10% top-up, 100% match, prize draw every quarter where someone in the scheme wins £100 for their charity.
  5. Workplace visits and or webinars, give your employees the chance to ask questions and join.