Benefits of Payroll Giving for Employers & Employees

There are lots of benefits to offering a Payroll Giving scheme for your employees and every employer in the UK can start a scheme regardless of your size.  Research shows that donating to charity or simply being kind helps mental health and general wellbeing.  More than £3 billion has been donated through Payroll Giving by over 1 million employees.

Employer Benefits

  • Shows commitment to your employees
  • Improves staff morale and motivation
  • Supports good causes
  • Simple to set up and run, see steps below
  • No fees
  • Boosts your CSR profile and public image
  • Recognition via Quality Mark Awards

Employee Benefits

  • Easy and convenient – straight from their pay
  • Tax-effective – it costs less to give more
  • Supports the causes they care about
  • Flexible – control over how much they want to donate and to which causes


  • There are no set-up costs for employers
  • Payroll Giving Agencies charge 25p per person donating
  • You may choose to cover this fee for your employees otherwise the Agency will deduct it from donations

Setting up and running your Payroll Giving Scheme

Step 1

We provide a Charity Agency Agreement for completion

Step 2

We provide all the tools and materials to promote the scheme to your employees 

Step 3

We run a secure payroll process aligned to your requirements

Step 1

We set up the scheme with your chosen HMRC approved Payroll Giving Agency, such as Charitable Giving, Charities Trust or Charities Aid Foundation.  All you have to do is get in touch.

Step 2

We provide all the promotional tools you need to make your Payroll Giving scheme a huge success.

Branded Giving Online site

Giving Online is your company’s Payroll Giving website, allowing your employees to find out more about the scheme, view details on hundreds of charities, join, amend or cancel their donations.

All images, text, fonts, colours, logos can be amended for a truly bespoke site to your brand requirements.

There is no cost for any of our services.

Fundraiser Promotions

Workplace visits to promote your Payroll Giving scheme from our UK wide based team – all postcodes covered – no site too big or small and all shift patterns can be accommodated.

Enthusiastic yet light hearted presentations to inform staff on how Payroll Giving works, leaving the choice of charity to the employee. 

Promotions are contactless with secure digial sign-up.

Promotional Tools & App

We will provide progressive, innovative, engaging campaign ideas that can be linked to your wider CSR initiatives.

We will design and provide bespoke artwork for digital comms, posters and videos for employee intranet, workplace screens, portal or app.

Full reporting of sites visited, funds raised, and charities supported.

Our Payroll Giving App is available to download for easy sign-up.

Step 3

Our Processing Team will forward details of all activity for your scheme (joiners, amendments, cancellations) in a secure password protected report to your designated contact.

This report will be sent in line with your requirements: weekly, monthly, by a certain date each month.

Deductions should then be taken pre-tax, post National Insurance, from the employee’s next available pay in-line with their donation form request.

Donations for all your employees in the scheme should then be sent to your HMRC approved Charity Agency.   

We advise your Agency of each employees’ chosen charity/ies and they forward on the donations.