Over 1 million employees donate through Payroll Giving

Giving feels good

Research shows that donating to charity or simply being kind helps mental health and general wellbeing.  More than £2 billion has been donated through Payroll Giving by over 1 million PAYE employees since the scheme’s inception in 1987.

Payroll Giving, a better way to give

The benefits of Payroll Giving go beyond that feel good factor.  Enabling your employees to give at work via your company’s scheme allows them to donate tax-free to any UK registered charity, good cause or places of worship.  So, it actually costs them less to give more.

Would you like help to promote generosity within your workplace?  We can set up your new Payroll Giving scheme or with promote any existing scheme.  We’re here to help, please send us a message or chat now with one of our Payroll Giving specialists.