Benefits of Payroll Giving for Employers & Employees

There are lots of benefits to offering a Payroll Giving scheme for your employees and every employer in the UK can start a scheme regardless of your size.  Research shows that donating to charity or simply being kind helps mental health and general wellbeing.  Nearly £3 billion has been donated through Payroll Giving by over 1 million employees.

Employer Benefits

  • Shows commitment to your employees
  • Improves staff morale and motivation
  • Supports good causes
  • Simple to set up and run, see steps below
  • No fees
  • Boosts your CSR profile and public image
  • Recognition via Quality Mark Awards

Employee Benefits

  • Easy and convenient – straight from their pay
  • Tax-effective – it costs less to give more
  • Supports the causes they care about
  • Flexible – control over how much they want to donate and to which causes


  • There are no set-up costs for employers
  • There are no costs for any of our services to Employers or Employees
  • Payroll Giving Agencies charge 25p per person donating
  • This fee can be paid by the Employer or is automatically deducted from the Employee’s donation