Time Out invited Payroll Giving in Action into our offices to speak with colleagues about our Payroll Giving scheme. We felt it was important to allow colleagues an easy opportunity to speak in person with a Payroll Giving Advisor, particularly in what has been an extremely challenging fundraising environment for charities.

Payroll Giving in Action’s Advisor popped around to colleague’s desks and spoke to available people individually or in small groups for a few minutes. This gave colleagues the chance to ask questions about the scheme & charities or causes they were interested in.

We found the Advisor’s approach to be low-key and friendly and he ensured that he did not disturb anyone trying to hit deadlines or otherwise too busy to chat.

We are delighted to report that the visit was well received by colleagues, resulting in a 50% increase in the number of Time Out employees taking part in the scheme. We have now risen from HM Government’s Gold Payroll Giving Quality Mark to the higher Platinum Award for 2022!

Maha Spaul

HR Time Out London