During the past five years, Arriva London have been encouraging staff to contribute to their favourite charities through the Payroll Giving Scheme.

It is therefore with enormous pride that Arriva London are delighted to announce that over the past five years, their staff, through the Payroll Giving scheme, have given over a million pounds to their chosen charities; in fact, the latest total is £1.2 million.

Over the past few years Arriva London have increased the promotion of the scheme and awareness to staff regarding how easy it is to give through Payroll Giving.  They in turn have embraced it wholeheartedly with many of them telling their stories, and the reasons for their generosity.  Members of the team like Steve, Sharon, Helen, Peter, Jayantilal and Olakunle – all Arriva employees, all Payroll Givings, all from different backgrounds and beliefs – coming together in celebration of their commitment to help others.

 As Helen says in praise of Payroll Giving: “I think Payroll Giving is a wonderful idea. My two charities are the Dogs Trust and Cancer Research. Both charities are very close to my heart and to our family. I’m very proud to be one of Arriva London’s Payroll Givers.”
And Steve reflects on his reasons for getting involved: “I have a family member who’s a prostate cancer survivor.  Payroll Giving gives us the opportunity to give back to charities that really need our help.”
Peter Batty, Arriva London’s Commercial Director:
“We are incredibly proud of this achievement by our very generous colleagues.  Over a million pounds is a life changing sum and it is something we look forward to repeating in the future.  We will continue to encourage our staff to get involved.”