ActionAid will prioritise vulnerable women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities. 

British Red Cross – Over the weekend, relief supplies and personnel continued to arrive in Haiti and the surrounding area. Thousands of survivors have been sleeping outdoors, desperate for food, clean water and shelter.  Air and sea ports in Haiti were damaged by the earthquake. The airport in Port-au-Prince has now reopened and is working at full capacity. However, the high volume of arriving planes means that many are being rerouted to Santo Domingo airport in neighbouring Dominican Republic.

A British Red Cross team of logistics experts arrived in the Dominican Republic on Saturday. They will ensure that relief supplies arriving at the airport in Santo Domingo are processed and forwarded to the affected areas in Haiti as quickly as possible. 

CAFOD – As a clearer picture emerges of the devastation from Haiti’s earthquake, we have increased our pledge to £300,000 to support the vital humanitarian relief efforts of our Caritas partners.

Matthew Carter, head of CAFOD’s humanitarian department, says: “The earthquake, the most powerful in Haiti’s history, has devastated the country’s already impoverished infrastructure, with hospitals, electricity and water supplies being severely compromised. Our partners on the ground have already been able to deliver tents, blankets and first aid to some of the most vulnerable people. The money pledged will support our partners to continue this work and reach many more people in urgent need of life saving humanitarian aid.”

Merlin – Merlin’s specialist Emergency Response Team arrived in Haiti on Saturday and have immediately set to work identifying the most pressing medical needs and coordinating with those on the ground to make sure our response is as effective as possible.  Our logistics team has already procured 4,800kg of surgical equipment for a tented surgical hospital, containing everything from the drugs to the team’s rations to the micro-surgery instruments, and this will also arrive on the ground shortly.

Oxfam – The Oxfam team in Port-Au-Prince is working on assessments now. This is the essential first step in emergency aid delivery. Oxfam has linked with the UN and other aid agencies on the ground. The UN, many of whose own offices were levelled, has regrouped its headquarters near Port-au-Prince’s stricken airport.

Oxfam also has already sent up to 10 tonnes of water, sanitation, health and shelter equipment, valued at around £70,000.  It also has pre-positioned stocks in Panama on stand-by. Oxfam plans to scale-up aid delivery are now being finalised. The destruction continues to severely hamper aid efforts.   

UNICEF UK - We’ve sent emergency teams from around the region to help and UNICEF aid is getting through, providing clean water, preventing disease and saving lives. However more supplies are urgently needed.  UNICEF is rushing life-saving supplies into the hardest-hit communities in Haiti. Our response, coordinated with other UN agencies is aimed at the children and women, who are the most vulnerable in times of crisis.  Children under 18 make up nearly 50 per cent of the 10 million population of Haiti.

In the town of Jacmel this evening 2,500 kitchen kits and 5,000 1 litre bags of water will be distributed to enable the local population to prepare the food supplies by the World Food Programme.